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Washington Pest Management News: The Hunt for Gypsy Moths

gypsy moth caterpillarBoth Oregon and Washington State Departments of Agriculture campaign to trap and monitor the invasive pest, the gypsy moth. Read on to learn more about the Washington pest management techniques used to monitor and control these pests.

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Oregon Pest Control News: Farmers Turning to IPM to Reduce Pesticide Use

pile of hazelnuts (filberts)In order to prevent contaminating the city's drinking water while keeping pests away from filberts, Eugene farmers are turning to Integrated Pest Management practices and are reducing pesticide use. Read on for more!

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Phantom Fire Alarms? You Might Have a Spider Problem

Close up of a smoke detectorIs your smoke alarm going off even though there’s no smoke or fire to trigger it? You could have a spider problem on your hands. Read on as pest control experts reveal how pests can trigger your smoke detector.

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Light Bulbs Insects Aren’t Attracted to? Welcome to the Future of LED Lights

Moth on a lightbulb outsideDid you know that engineers are working on developing an LED that gives a warmer-looking glow and detracts bugs?! This could be your summer outdoor lighting solution to pest control!

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