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“Super” Lice on the Rise: What You Need to Know

2010 07 25 Nice Lice Family

As if regular lice weren’t bad enough, but now mutant lice are now invading schools across the U.S. Eden's Oregon pest control experts share that it’s only a matter of time before super lice make their way across state lines as they show some levels of resistance to the regular lice treatments.

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Fleas Thriving in the Pacific Northwest

Large fake flea

2015's unusual warm weather in the Pacific Northwest has created the ideal environment for fleas to thrive, keeping residential pest control companies busy. Flea pest control is essential in any home or office to maintain the health of those within it. Read on for more!

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Hobo Spiders in the News!

Hobo spider

Not only are Hobo spiders becoming a more common pest in homes across the Northwest, but they have been making the news as well! Read on to learn more and explore Eden's spider pest management tips.

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Pest Control News: Fumigation Gone Wrong & Why You Should Turn to Integrated Pest Management

Lady beetle on leaf

With the number of pesticide related issues growing each year, Eden's Washington and Oregon pest control experts would like to share solutions that work more effectively than harmful toxins and are safer for the environment and your family.

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