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Wet Winter Could Mean a Surge in Pest Populations

El Nino makes this Washington bridge look beautiful, but the pests it brings does notA strong El Nino pattern is making for a wet winter in Tacoma, WA. While that’s good news for those desperate for rain, it’s bad news for pest removal companies. We’re breaking down why this winter’s weather will prompt a strong pest surge in the spring and summer.

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How Apples Solved the Mystery of Life

apples have helped create a new wasp speciesDid you know apples are helping answer a question that has puzzled scientists for years? Learn how the popular fruit assisted in the evolution of several completely new wasp species. 

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Wasps vs. Stink Bugs: Let the Biocontrol Battle Begin

Wasps are the natural pest control for stink bugs, pictured hereThe stinkbug problem for Washington farms and homeowners has gotten out of control, but it looks like nature is taking care of it on it's own. Eden Pest is investigating the issue.  

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We Don’t Kill Bats, and Why You Shouldn't Either

Healthy bats mean a healthy pest populationIf you find a bat in your home, don’t take things into your own hands. Learn about bats’ role in the ecosystem and what you can do to protect the species. 

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