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Rodent Pest Management: Tips for the Cooler Seasons

RatAccording to Oregon rodent control experts, rodents infest about 21 million homes each year in the U.S, and the issue is more prominent during the fall and winter. Read on for rodent control tips!

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Spooky Pests to Watch out for this Month!

Spider Pumpkin by JoshBerglund19, on Flickr.comHalloween decorations are up everywhere now, but Oregon and Washington pest control experts warn to not let real pests convince you that they’re fake! Here are some spooky pests to keep an eye out for this season.

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Integrated Pest Management in Schools: Be Safe This Halloween!

Make It and Take It by Franklin Park Library, on Flickr.comAs pests start to overwinter, Washington and Oregon pest control experts remind schools and parents to practice integrated pest management, or IPM, to ensure the safety of their students. Read on to learn more about IPM and how to practice it at school and at home.

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Seattle Rodent Control: Keeping Rats out of Your Home & Business

Rats by celesteh, on Flickr.comWhile rat infestations are common in big cities, Seattle home, business and restaurant owners are seeing more than their fair share as they exhaust their traditional rodent control methods. Here are tips from Eden's Seattle pest control experts on how to prevent a rodent infestation.

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