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Phantom Fire Alarms? You Might Have a Spider Problem

Close up of a smoke detectorIs your smoke alarm going off even though there’s no smoke or fire to trigger it? You could have a spider problem on your hands. Read on as pest control experts reveal how pests can trigger your smoke detector.

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Light Bulbs Insects Aren’t Attracted to? Welcome to the Future of LED Lights

Moth on a lightbulb outsideDid you know that engineers are working on developing an LED that gives a warmer-looking glow and detracts bugs?! This could be your summer outdoor lighting solution to pest control!

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Have You Seen an ‘Old-House Borer’ Beetle?

Old house borer beetleOregon pest control service companies warn that the "old-house borer" beetle is not like others that feed on stressed or dead trees; it eats dry seasoned wood. So the question is, have you seen them?

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It’s National Bed Bug Awareness Week (June 7th-13)!

Bed bugBed bugs are a serious problem across the country, and bed bug pest control experts want you to be prepared as the summer travel season begins. Read on to learn more!

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