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What is Eden Thankful For? Our Wonderful Customers!

Eden is thankful for our wonderful clients! Happy ThanksgivingIn honor of Thanksgiving, the Eden Pest team wanted to share some things we are thankful for... and that's our wonderful and supportive customers!

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Eden’s Guide for a Pest-Free Thanksgiving

Pest free Thanksgiving tableEden’s pest control experts bring you their best tips to keep your Thanksgiving festive and pest-free.

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The Importance of Pollinator Health

bee getting ready to pollinate a flowerBee populations nationwide decline between 23 and 34 percent every year. Last year Oregon pest management professionals reported the sudden death of 50,000 bees due to the use of insecticides in Wilsonville and Hillsboro. Read on to learn why it's important to keep pollinators safe and what to do if you have them on your property.

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Rodent Pest Management: Tips for the Cooler Seasons

RatAccording to Oregon rodent control experts, rodents infest about 21 million homes each year in the U.S, and the issue is more prominent during the fall and winter. Read on for rodent control tips!

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