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Quit Bugging Me: Overcoming the Bed Bug's Bite [Infographic]

Eden's Bed Bug Infographic - snippetBed bugs are a big problem across the U.S. that almost every pest professional has treated in the past year. Our infographic examines how bed bugs made a comeback, signs of an infestation and the pest’s life cycle. Scroll through and find out more!

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Eden’s Cody Pace Interviewed on ‘Around the House with Handyman Bob & Eric G.’

Cody Pace headshotThe Eden Pest team is serious about educating the public about residential pest control and insects. Find out more about Eden's own Cody Pace and his appearance on the popular radio show “Around the House with Handyman Bob and Eric G.”

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Eden & Alpha Host Portland’s First Pop-Up ‘Pestaurant’

Front of OMSI with logoIn late September, Eden Pest and Alpha Ecological Pest Control hosted a “Pestaurant” at OMSI’s Harvest Festival as part of the food science demonstration on the main stage. Read on to learn more!

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“Super” Lice on the Rise: What You Need to Know

2010 07 25 Nice Lice Family

As if regular lice weren’t bad enough, but now mutant lice are now invading schools across the U.S. Eden's Oregon pest control experts share that it’s only a matter of time before super lice make their way across state lines as they show some levels of resistance to the regular lice treatments.

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