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FAQ Inspection Checklist: Eden’s Guide to Ant Control

where is my house??

At Eden, a top concern among clients is ant pest prevention and control. Check out our most popular ant pest control questions and ant pest prevention and control tips!

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Keeping Your Own Personal Eden Pest-Free [Infographic]

Eden Truck - Infographic captureOur last infographic covered Eden's family and the values of our Oregon and Washington pest control offices. Today we share some of the commercial industries that we serve and the pest control services we offer to commercial and residential clients.

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The West Coast’s Growing Concern with Stink Bugs


Brown marmorated stink bugs are threatening farms along the West Coast. Find out pest control expert's tips for identifying these stink bugs and how to prevent and control them.

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Warmer Weather = More Pest Problems


Eden's Oregon pest management experts warn that the unusually weather and sunny days don’t come without a price. With warmer weather comes more pest problems. Read on for Portland pest control and prevention tips for Spring!

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